Are You Ready To Get The Recognition You Deserve?

Leverage your brand by Interviewing your centers of influence and grow your referral network.

Write a book without writing a book!

Authors are celebrities in our society. But who has time to write a book? DON’T!
Interview other business owners that serve whom you would consider as ideal clients for your business. The distance between your head and your mouth is a lot shorter than from your head to your hand.

Don’t write your book, interview it!

Interviewing other experts in their field is a great way to:


Attract new clients to your business

Get noticed in new markets

Build great business relationships with referral sources for your business

Create authority for you AND your guest

Start an Industry Leading Podcast

How would you like all of this done for you?

The Expert Author & Podcaster Program

We developed a done-for-you podcasting and book publishing solution where we:

Find & Book Your Interviews

Create the Podcast for you

Transcribe & Edit Every Episode

Design a book cover

Professionally format your book

Produce a professional introduction

Write the Interview Questions

All done for you!

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